Pluggable lint framework for git, written in Perl.
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Pluggable lint framework for git, written in Perl.


git-lint [--profile <name>] [--version] [--help]


git-lint is a program to lint git commits.



Run a specific profile of check modules.

Defaults to the default profile.


Print the version.


Print the help menu.


Configuration is done through git config files ~/.gitconfig or /repo/.git/config.

Only one profile, default, is defined internally. default contains all check modules by default.

The default profile can be overridden through git config.

To set the default profile to only run the Whitespace check:

[lint "profiles"]
    default = Whitespace

Or set the default profile to Whitespace and the fictional check, Flipdoozler:

[lint "profiles"]
    default = Whitespace, Flipdoozler

Additional profiles can be added with a new name and list of checks to run.

[lint "profiles"]
    default = Whitespace, Flipdoozler
    hardcore = Other, Module, Names

The new profile can then be run with git-lint --profile hardcore.


To enable as a pre-commit hook, create a symlink to the pre-commit.example script named pre-commit in the .git/hooks directory of the repo you want to check.

ln -s ~/git/Git-Lint/bin/pre-commit.example pre-commit

To automate running other profiles, a new pre-commit script can be created and linked to the pre-commit hook in the repo you want to check.

~/git/Git-Lint/bin $ cat pre-commit.hardcore

perl ~/git/Git-Lint/bin/git-lint --profile hardcore


Blaine Motsinger