Sharable, encrypted, ephemeral pastebin.
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title = 'Sharable, encrypted, ephemeral pastebin'
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<p>Sharable, encrypted, ephemeral pastebin</p>
<h3>Pasteburn is a web application for encrypting and sharing secret content.</h3>
<p>Using a secret passphrase you provide, Pasteburn encrypts your message then provides a unique link for you to share. Whoever you share the link and passphrase with can then decrypt and read your message.</p>
<p>Secret messages can only be decrypted one time using the secret passphrase and are automatically deleted if not viewed within 7 days.</p>
<p>We can't read the messages once they're stored, and can't restore them once they're gone.</p>
<p>Be careful not to share the link and passphrase together where other people can see them, like email or chat. <span class="bold italic">Your secret is only secret without the passphrase.</span></p>
<a class="button u-full-width" href="/secret">Create a secret</a>
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